1. It's Gangsta

From the recording It's Gangsta

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3 P New Orleans first single that started it all. A movement. "It's Gangsta" . The song and lyrics and the group that rap it is called N.F.L. which means (Nigga's From Louisiana) that started a movement that perfectly describe how people in New Orleans roll!!!


(Hook Only)

It's Gangsta-- 3 P's on the block; We repping the N.O., putting this game on lock.

It's Gangsta-- And now you nigga's are being told; that this album is going platinum, fuck being gold.

It's Gangsta--Other lyric's are wack; my tongue is like a gun, so stay the hell back.

It's Gangsta--We bout to blow up; we party, drink and smoke and don't give a fuck.