****Attention 3 P Fans***** The Guest Book Is Off !!!

*** 3 P Fans Please Read *** I am sorry to inform you that the Guest Book is turn off at this present time. Some lame ass niggas want to be negative and write false statements, therefore, I show them that I am still in control and turned off the Guestbook. We are considering going to a different website format to continue to bring you, the most up-to-date music, the hottest artist and blazing new music. Be on the look out for the new album dropping soon called " Commerical Answer". Go cop the "Underground Hustla's" C.D. available in stores near you at "Best Buy" and hear Tha 3 P Boyz blaze the songs { Drop # 9. and Hard # 12 } on that C.D.. And finally, Universal Records received our Press Packet this week in which they were requesting. The last time that Universal Records approached me about 1 month ago and requested additional songs and information be sent to them by my good friend " Baby Boy", from New Orleans they flew him to New York City exactly two weeks later and gave him a Label Deal. Congratulation to "Baby Boy" on his Universal Records Deal. America, how long do you think that it will take Universal Records to call me back with some good news about giving 3 P Entertainment a label deal ??? My Guess, about the same time frame. Stay tuned America and witness 3 P Entertainment which is "America's Favorite Record Label" make Global History !!!

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