3 P Presents: "AMERICAN RAP IDOL" !!! "AMERICA", you be the judge!!!

"AMERICAN RAP IDOL" Only AMERICA'S FAVORITE RECORD LABEL could have brought you this one.............................. Due to heavy responses of the fans requesting to see more pictures of their favorite artist and have certain artist up front and in the spotlight, 3 P has changed the RULES!!! 3 P has now allowed the fans to be the judge!!! 3 P now allows the fans to pick their favorite artist!!! It is as easy as 1,2, and 3. This is how it works. 1. The fans go to the guestbook and write something to or about their favorite artist. 2. At the end of each day, each different individual guest comments about each artist will be calculated. 3. Whomever gets the most votes at the end of the day wins and will be the "FEATURED SUPERSTAR" of the company for the following day!!! Each Daily winner would have their picture on the splash page {which is the page that first comes up first once you entered the website} and their pictures would appear first in the Photo Section of this site... Therefore, America, now it is up to you... Vote for your favorite artist and move them to the front of the click. Tell us why they are your favorite artist? Who do you think is the most sexiest, the most talented or who you would like to meet personally to do things (Privately) that I could not say on this site, LOL ... Anyways, you get the point... Be sure to check out the Music Section. Check out 3 P Atlanta and Goldee's new music section and let us know what you think. Check out the music video short and let us know how you enjoyed it. And finally, be on the lookout for { 3 P T.V.) "America's Favorite T.V. Channel that premier's new music video's, new's, artist introductions, freestyles and more each and everyweek... Stay tuned America, until next time... Ramirez Williams C.E.O.

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