3 P Atlanta is now ready to make History again with the introducion of the newest teen sensation group { 1 4 } Fourteen !!!

3 P Entertainment is proud to introduce to America this new super teen group by the name of { 1 4 } Fourteen !!! 1 4 is Hott!!! They all are single and have the look, the body, and skills and are all 14 year's old... In fact, 14 will make hip hop history cause their name will change along with their age. For example next year, their name will be 15, the year after that, 16 and so forth !!! No other group in history changed their name with the passing of each year as 14 will do, thus causing 3 P Entertainment to make Hip Hop History like all trend setters do... The members of America Favorite Teen Group { 1 4 } are as follows: Tyrone, Diggy, Will, MJ8 and Tay Dog. Be sure to check out their photos in the Photo section of this site. New Contact Info, Bio's and Music will be added for these artist soon.... So stay tuned to this site for future updates on all of your favorite 3 P Entertainment artist and their newest edition, America's Favorite Teen Group , { 1 4 } ... In closing, you best believe that 3 P Entertainment will continue to break the mold and take over this music industry our way... Until Next Time America...

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