"World Premiere" of 3 P Atlanta's music on the bLazing new C.D. called "UNDERGROUND HUSTLAS that drops nationwide on April 25, 2006 !!!

What It Do????? What's Happening????? Read the following statements very slowwwwllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyy... Want to be one the first 3 P Fans to preview some hot new music coming from 3 P Atlanta forth coming album called Commerical Answer ?????? And now you can !!!! Tha 3 P Boyz from 3 P Atlanta are featured on the smash new hit album called "UNDERGROUND HUSTLAS" that features only { AMERICA'S TOP UNDERGROUND RAP ARTIST } that drops today, Tuesday, April 25, 2006 in stores across the country. Tha 3 P Boyz got two hot new songs on this album that is called {Drop # 9.} and Hard {# 12.}. Tha 3 P Boyz also got a full page photo shot on the back cover of the C.D.. All the songs on this C.D. is slamming and you should go cop several copies before they are all sold out. Please visit the official website at www.undergroundhustlas.com for further details about the C.D., to preview it and/or to listen to hot new track after hot new track.... 3 P Atlanta would like to thank the fans that come visit our website to keep abreast to what 3 P is doing and we really appreciate it. Tha 3 P Boys and 14 {Fourteen} have been very busy doing photo shoots, making a new 3 P T.V. that will premiere on Saturday, April 29, 2006 on this website and we have been recording none stop at the studio laying down hot new music for our DEMO PRESS KIT that UNIVERISAL RECORDS wants soooooooo badddddddddd !!!!!!!!!!!!!! There you have it..... You heard, opp's, READ it first.... Thats Right... Universal Records contacted us about 2 weeks ago after visiting our website, reviewing our infomation, pictures, concept and hearing our music and obviously feel that we have what it takes to make it in the Majors..... S So stay tuned to "America Favorite Website" for further updates on "America's Favorite Record Label" --- 3 P Atlanta ................... Until next time, America !!!

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