3 P T. V. now works !!! It has returned due to popular demand !!! We fixed the problem and really works... Check it out !!!

It's Time AMERICA for 3 P T.V. ... And it is Hott !!! First of all, we would like to Thank all the fans for your loyal support, because without you, none of this would be possible... Second of all, we would like to congratulate you , the fans, for assisting us achieve our goal with over 100,000 hits in a month to our website. In fact, as of today, we have over 110,000 hits to this website and we feel that is awesome... We actually ended February with 119,754 hits.... And we are very proud of that... So keep coming to our website and tell your friends about "3 P", "America's Favorite Record Label" and send them to our website as well... Third of all, it is all about the music and we have unleashed a 2nd music video short for the hit song, "Hard" ... We also included the 3 P All-Star Roster Personal Video Introduction in the video short so the fans could see, hear and feel their favorite artist. Fourth of all, stop wasting your time reading this message and click the link below and go to the 2nd video to view the lastest edition of 3 P T.V.. Please read all of the intruction first before clicking the following link. 1. Click the link at the end of this section after you read all of the instructions. 2. Then click on Movie Section on the tab at the top of the screen on The Water Brother's site. 3. Click on 3 P T. V. and it should start playing. Be sure to cancel any plug- ins with "No" or "Cancel" unless you need them to make the video play on your computer. Now you are ready to view 3 P T. V.. Click Here !!! www.thewaterbrothers.com I hope that you enjoy it. Be sure to check back every week for the lastest and newest edition of "America Favorite T. V. Channel. "3 P T.V." !!! Ramirez Williams C.E.O.

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