Platinum Priority Plus Entertainment - Tha New 3 P ENTERTAINMENT

    Tha New 3 P Entertainment BIO Introduction: 3 P Entertainment is back!!! We call this new era " 3 P Reloaded" . You heard of 3 P New Orleans first that started it all!!! Then you got 3 P Atlanta after Hurricane Katrina. Now we present to you the newest branch of the iconic southern hip hop record label that my uncle started called "3 P South Carolina"!!! 3 P S.C. for short. That's right, 3 P Entertainment is further taking over the south!!! I am Reese Krac and I am the new President of the company. The 3 P Brand is still owned by my uncle, Ramirez who has to taken some time off the music scene to handle some unforeseen legal matters, deal with family cancer health scares and the untimely death of his brother and father. But we Back and Better than ever. So sit back and enjoy the ride and watch 3 P Entertainment rise to total Hip Hop domination!!! 3 P Entertainment, known further within this bio as 3 P, stands for Platinum Priority Plus Entertainment which means that all of our artists will go Platinum and that’s our Priority, Plus more!!! 3 P was established in 2003 by Ramirez Williams, who is the Director of Operations and Artist Development at Chopper City Records, which is owned by the rapper, B.G. formerly of the Cash Money Records family.


    3 P definitely has the South on lock with locations in Atlanta, which is the Hip Hop Mecca, and New Orleans. 3 P Artist are a step above the rest due to their versatility, unique vocals, style, image and rap delivery. 3 P artists ages range from 14 to 24 years old which is perfect to appeal to our young base target market. 3 P Artists come from a variety of different backgrounds, heritage and different home states such as: California, Illinois, Michigan, Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia and the Virgin Islands to bring their particular home state recognition and unique rap style to the table. 3 P artists have performed throughout Louisiana and the southeast region of the United States. 3 P artists have premiered in national music video's, performed on various television shows, had songs played on the air at countless radio stations, have done numerous radio interviews, performed at Atlanta’s and New Orleans hottest night clubs, acted in feature films, had a song selected for a movie soundtrack, been featured in retail DVD Documentaries called New Orleans Best Unsigned Rappers and even 5th Ward Weebie’s, “Weebie Wild” and a new retail CD that just dropped nationwide on April 21, 2006 called Underground Hustlas that features two of 3 P Atlanta hit singles called Drop ( # 9.) and Hard (# 12.) just to name a select few projects. 3 P has either opened up for, recorded with, and/or been featured in a photo shoot or music video with all of Atlanta and New Orleans local and national hip hop superstars including: Ludacris, Field Mob, Ciara, Jody Breeze from Boyz In The Hood, B.G., Lil Wayne, Juvenile, Manny Fresh, Choppa, K-Gates, 5th Ward Weebie, Baby Boy and Blak Icee, just to name a couple. 3 P Entertainment Artist Completes Artist Development Training.


    All of 3 P Artists are very disciplined and always asked to return after all shows because of their phenomenal performances, high energy level and positive professional attitudes. Ramirez Williams was trained and worked in all forms of entertainment to include modeling, acting, dancing and now the music business. Mr. Williams trains his artists how to put on superb performances based on his own past experiences and training to make 3 P Artists more seasoned entertainers. Rappers come and go in this industry, but Entertainer, have longevity within this industry and make more money and move to different forms of entertainment. Mr. Williams understands what the industry is looking for and he understands that image (looks and body) sell 70% of all music and that Afro-American males sell over 70% of all hip hop music. Therefore, Mr. Williams only hires handsome, young, thin, built, Afro-American men. Mr. Williams personally trains each artist to be a star. 3 P artists learn the importance of time with their required 3 times a week check in call every Monday, Wednesday and Friday before 5 p.m. to learn what their upcoming schedules are for the next couple of days such as studio, practice, performance, etc. Missing a check in call or practice, gets the artist a strike, and just like baseball, three strikes and you are out of the company, therefore, the artists learn timing very accurately.


    Mr. Williams supervised and requires at the beginning of all practices, that all artists work out because he knows that the better the artist look and bodies look, that the sexier they are, the more their C.D.'s will SELL. Therefore, the artist make more money. These are examples of how Mr. Williams prepares his artists for superstardom. 3P Entertainment biggest asset is to have the full cooperation of Chopper City Records that features the superstar rapper B.G.'s in which, because of his independent sales, landed Cash Money Records a $40 Million label deal that was recouped in under 6 months. B.G. current album “Heart Of The Street” Volume 2. peaked at # 6, and still remains in the Billboard Top 100 countdown. B.G. and Manny Fresh is planning to go on a national tour.


    3 P other assets include a company advertised new Jeep, a corporate house, 3 P Atlanta Record Label, 3 P New Orleans Record Label and a full fledged World Class Pro Tools Based Recording Studio called New Orleans East Studios, located in Atlanta, Ga., where the entire “Commercial Answer” album was recorded. 3 P Atlanta is the new home base for the record label which houses the superstar rap groups: called THA 3 P BOYZ , CONCEITED and 4TEEN. Each group is very unique because of the different target market in which it will appeal to. The “Commercial Answer” album will feature all groups.


    THA 3 P BOYZ is the premiere rap group with their target market being everyone that is 30 years old and under. It consists of all male rappers that are all built, handsome, young, thin, men with rap styles that range from being crunk, laid back, West Coast and Down South. Tha 3 P Boyz rap about gangsta, street and commercial topics. Tha 3 P Boyz members include: B-Mac, Fatal, K. B., Montez, Royal, and Young Yo. Their 1st single is called Money Over Hoes # 1. followed by Where The South At # 3 on the C.D..


    CONCEITED is Atlanta's version of Miami’s “Pretty Ricky” group meaning that the group consists of (3) rappers and (1) singer with their sole purpose and target market being the ladies. Conceited members include: Montez, Zay, Treasure and Qaadir. They are all young, thin, black men between the ages of 16 to 17 years old with a nice toned built body and they are extremely handsome. Conceited songs will predominately be based with the rappers, rapping their verses and the singer doing the hooks. Conceited 1st single will be called Ooo La La which is # 12 on the “Commercial Answer” C. D. .


    4TEEN is a very unique teen rap group because everyone is a cute and built 14 year old boy. 4Teen will be the first group in history that changes its name with the passing of each year to reflect their last members new ages such as next year they will be known as 5thTeen {Fifteen} and the year after as 6Teen {Sixteen} and so forth. 4Teen pronounced {Fourteen} members include: Diggy, D-Money, Soulja and Will IV. 4Teen's target market are the teens. 4Teen will definitely take America by storm because there’s an open market for a new teen group because the industry doesn't have one currently. 4Teen stands out from its predecessors because of the fact previous teen rap groups rap strictly about kiddy teen topics, but 4Teen songs can be felt by teens and adults alike without any use of profanity as demonstrated on their singles: “Get Your Money Up”# 5. & “Lil Mama” # 11 on the C.D.. 4Teen will definitely be “America’s Next Teen Sensation”!


    3 P Atlanta Producers “Tha WB” (Water Brother’s) produced all of 3 P Atlanta songs for their forthcoming album called, “COMMERCIAL ANSWER”, that features the hot new singles called {Money Over Hoes, Where The South At, Get Your Money Up, My Grind and Hard}. Each track was recorded at New Orleans East Studios in which Ramirez Williams and Tha WB own collectively. Tha WB worked at Texas's hottest recording studio called, “The Kitchen”, and have engineered and produced tracks for the likes of Eryka Badu and others across the world. Tha WB has had countless magazine articles about their unique world class beats, outstanding engineering techniques and creativity that will surely make them a household name in the very near future.


    3 P New Orleans has been coined by many people as the {New Cash Money} of this millennium and the newest record label of the south to keep your eyes on and your ears opened for in 2006. 3 P New Orleans artists have a very unique sound and rap delivery that is so distinctive due to the catchy hooks and powerful lyrics that combine Hip Hop and R+B together for a soulful new sound sure to catch the true Hip Hop Enthusiasts attention. 3 P New Orleans groups are called N.F.L. (Niggas From Louisiana), Fiyah and F.I.F.T.H. {Focused Individuals From The Hood}. 3 P New Orleans album is called “Straight Out Of New Orleans” will feature all of the groups. This album is already on sale on C D Baby, and individual songs can be downloaded on the internet through over 37 different companies such as: Apple i Tunes, i Tunes Canada, Rhapsody, MusicNet, Liquid Digital Media, and i Tunes UK , just to name a few. The digital sales of select songs from this album are over 1,100 and counting, with the most popular song being “Shake It For 3 P” featuring former No Limit Artist, 5th Ward Weebie # 2, 15 and 16 on the C.D. (with 359 sales), followed by “Too Hott Too Handle # 6.” (with 205 sales), followed by “I Want It” (3 P Remix) # 1. (with 82 sales) and “My Life” # 13. (with 75 sales). The sales would have been more had the same songs not been available for free through the company website.


    Mr. Williams has now stopped free downloads from their site on May 4, 2006. Now watch the sales grow! N.F.L. is the premier rap group that target market is the 30 years old and under crowdand they rap about gangsta, street and commercial topics with a New Orleans outlook on life with their unique accent and flavor. N.F.L. members include: Fatal, T-Byrd, Joker Slugga and Goldee. They are built, with a variety of images, and their ages range from 18 to 22 years old. N.F.L.'s 1st single is called “It’s Gangsta” # 3, followed by their 2nd single called, “My Life” # 13. on the C.D..


    FIYAH is strictly a New Orleans Gangsta and Gutta rap group with their target market being people that rep the streets and the Hood such as Thugs, Gangbangers, and Drug Dealers which members include: Beezy, E-Dubb, Spit and Water and their age ranges from 18 to 25 years old. Fiyah 1st single will be Fiyah # 4, followed by their 2nd single called “Too Hott Too Handle” # 6 on their C.D..


    F.I.F.T.H. {Focused Individuals From The Hood} is an all male R+B singing group which target market is everyone who loves R+B music. F.I.F.T.H. members include: Baby D, Ashton, Patrick and T-Slim and they are all very handsome, toned, built, young thin men who's ages range from 18 to 20 years old. F.I.F.T.H. sang all singing hooks on this C.D. with their best work on “What Went Wrong” # 11., “My Life” # 13. and “Painful Thoughts” # 14. Their 1st single is called “Let Me In” # 12 on the C.D..


    3 P New Orleans Producer “Chrystyle” of ATrackive Production, produced all of 3 P New Orleans songs for their forthcoming album called “ Straight Out Of New Orleans”, that features the hit singles {It’s Gangsta, Fiyah, What Is Going On, and Painful Thoughts}. Chystyle has already been coined as being the next Manny Fresh due to his distinctive style and sound. Prior to Hurricane Katrina, Chrystyle was the TV host for a New Orleans based talent showcase called {ALL GOOD IN THE HOOD} that brought the stars of tomorrow to the spotlight today. Chrystyle is currently being sought by local and national artists for hot, new tracks to make Chrystyle one of the few and the hottest producer’s around to keep your eyes on in 2006.

Jowy Cash




B-Mac is multi-talented. He can rap, sing, sling, and kill....if you touch him the wrong way. This Atlanta representer is 18 years old and has been rapping for 7 years. B-Mac got lost in the streets of Adamville and began to hustle to eat. He plans to make it out of the hood by rapping or trapping. B-Mac enjoys getting money 1st and fucking hoes 2nd. And he stays clean all the time while doing both. He enjoys writing new lyric's and coming up with other $1,000,000.00 (million dollar) ideals. B-Mac will show the world why he is destined to have his face pastered on billboards, television screens and movie theater's across the world and having # 1 hit after hit on radio stations across the world. If B-Mac is not on the block, then he is making a hit; If it ain't fast money, He ain't fucking with it...

E-Dubb - FIYAH

E-Dubb grew up in New Orleans East. He discovered the love for music and decided that he would like to make it into a career when he turned 16 years old. As the years progressed, E- Dubb has gotton better and better. E-Dubb is a member of the group FIYAH. E-Dubb is the lyrical genis of the company. E-Dubb spit so wicked that his style has been described as "The Incredible Hulk on Crack". Therefore, with a description like that, you already know that his shit, that he spits, GOT TO BE FIYAH .... E-Dub is 23 years old now and has no children, but taking application. Please send all resume' to E-Dubb has performed thoughout the Dirty South and worked with everybody, who is anybody in New Orleans.


Fatal got his name from freestyling against any motherfucker that was not afraid to lose "Badly" in public because Fatal is known for killing them on that mic with his hott and sick lyrics... Fatal didn't chose his rap name , the onlookers choosed it for him. Fatal was born and raised in the "A" at the Northside Hospital. He live and rep that Simpson Road. Fatal is definitely a ladies magnet. He has the look, body and talent that will force him into world wide super stardom. Don't be fooled by his good looks, although he has a laid back style with a gangsta ass flow, all his rhymes be real and street and he is known for getting crunk when the situation calls for it. He is 16 years old, in the 10th grade and attends Douglas High School . Fatal hobbies include getting hoes and stacking that paper and chillin with his friends. You can count on Fatal to keep it street, hood and real as motherfucking possible...


Montez is definitely a "Grady Baby" and he was born and raised in the "A", Simpson Road to be exact !!! Simpset for Life. He attends Douglas High School and is in the 10 th grade. He has been rapping since he was 12 and now this Scorpio is 16. He is an original member of the group "Conceited'. Montez is very versatile. He raps about and for the ladies, make club hits and still keep it hood. He is crazy as hell, love to party and will always keep the party crunk. He is currently single and is looking for that special someone. So if you are out there, Holla at your boy...