3 P Entertainment introduces Jowy Cash

3 P Entertainment only chills with Hip Hop Stars: B.G., Manny Fresh , T.Q. and Big Country

3 P Atlanta artist helped Ludacris introduce on BET "Access Granted" the World Premiere video of Field Mob and Ciara hit song called "So What"

Rapper B.G. and Celebrity at Chopper City Records

The original  Cash Money Records Hot Boy " B.G.".

New Orleans and Atlanta's # 1 Record Label "America's Favorite Record Label" 3 P Entertainment Platinum Priority Plus Entertainment America's FAVORITE Record Label .... 3 P Entertainment present to you an All-Star Line Up: Young Yo, Montez, B-Mac, Josh, Royal Blue, K.B., Lil One, Will IV, D-Money, Soulja and Diggy. Be on the look out for N.F.L. (Niggas From Louisiana) album entitled "Straight From New Orleans" dropping soon.... 3 P Entertainment has made History again with their new teen sensation group called " 14 " {Fourteen}. This will be the only group in history that each year their name will change to go up a number. For example, next year " 15 ", the following year " 16 " and so forth. All the members of the group are all the same age. You guess it " 14 ". The members are Tyrone, Diggy, and Will. Be on the look out for their first single called "Get Money Your Up" !!! So keep your ears and eyes open for America's next super rap group that causing teens to craze " 14 " cause their surely to take this music industry by storm... And Ladies, the Atlanta branch of the company ( 3 P Atlanta ) is definitely bringing the HEAT... Be on the look out for the 1st single called "Ooo La La" by Atlanta's version of the "Pretty Ricky" group from 3 P very own Rap and R+B group called "Conceited"... And I can not forget about that hot new group of B-Mac and Josh that layed it down on "Quick to Cock Back"... This is a crunck club song that would surely cause a lot of fights in the club... Listen to both songs in the music section of this website... Executively Produced by: Ramirez Williams